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UK accreditation
UK accreditation
"Fully accredited courses in engineering. Designed, delivered, and taught by UK chartered engineers"

iLearn Engineering is a UK based distance learning provider specialising in Engineering courses.

All our teaching staff have many years industrial and teaching experience, and are all registered Chartered Engineers.  That makes us the only place you can get taught by 100% real current engineers.

Our courses are specifically developed to meet the demands of modern engineering companies from our own experience, ensuring you learn the right skills for jobs relevant to today’s knowledge-based economy.


Furthermore, our courses are available internationally and are accredited by a UK Awarding Body.

Our engineering courses have a recognised learning pathway allowing you to progress directly to a 'top-up' degree (BEng) with a partner UK university, all whilst studying from home.


We provide a unique distance learning package which is flexible and homebased, furthermore we have no exams, no deadlines, and no timetables!


Engneering degrees
"Our learning pathway can take you all the way to a UK degree in engineering, all whilst studying from home"
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Online Engineering Courses
Why study engineering

 Why study with us?

  • Fully online learning environment - Login and access your study materials, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • All our tutors are real chartered engineers with many years industrial experience.

  • Accredited pathways right through to degree

Our Qualifications:
Engineering Diplomas
Accredited Diplomas in a range of specialist engineering subjects (40 credits). Available in:

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Higher International Certificates (LEVEL 4)
Our benchmark qualification at level 4 (full 120 credits) - equivalent to first year at a UK university. Available in:
Higher International Diplomas (LEVEL 5)
Our benchmark qualification at level 5 (full 120 credits) - equivalent to second year at a UK university. Available in:
Combined Level 4/Level 5 - Higher International Certificate & Diploma
Our benchmark qualifications at level 4&5 (full 240 credits) - equivalent to first two years at a UK university. Available in:

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