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What We Do


At iLearn Engineering, we offer high quality distance learning courses in Engineering. All our courses are specifically designed for delivery via online distance learning. 


Our courses are delivered using an easy-to-follow, bite-sized approach, utilising a unique blend of multimedia, including videos, guided reading, practise worksheets, and worked examples.


What sets us apart is the quality of courses and our dedicated teaching staff. All our core tutors are qualified, Chartered Engineers. Highly qualified with experience in a wide range of areas, our tutors are available to answer your questions and guide you through the course via one-2-one student support. Whether that be via emails, phone calls or video call. 

We are the only engineering distance learner provider which is designed, delivered, and supported by real UK chartered engineers. 


Each course is split into a number of dedicated units (see our course page for the specific unit breakdown). Once you have completed the dedicated learning path for each unit, the learning outcomes are assessed through tutor marked assignments.

For more detailed information please follow one of the below links:


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-       Our tutors

-       What is distance learning?

-       Are you an employer?

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