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12 Research Skills and Project Management

Level 5 - Online Engineering Course Unit (60 credits)

Unit Aim

The aim of this online engineering course unit is to develop your skills in conducting research and to introduce you to project management, and associated techniques which are critical to all engineering projects.

Initially, you will examine the scientific method and review its application to engineering procedures and tests. You will then progress to deliver a complex, independent and engineering related research project which aligns with stated objectives from the outset. In doing this, you will develop your ability to apply critical thinking skills with respect to analysing engineering scenarios.

You will develop a project brief on a subject matter of your choice, which will be centre approved. You shall create relevant specifications to outline the proposed project outcomes.

It will be necessary to consider different perspectives to reach an un-biased and balanced conclusion with justification of that conclusion. Finally, you should be able to communicate effectively your research project’s outcome.

The outcome of the unit will be a developed project report and reflection.

Learning Outcomes

During this unit, you will cover the below six learning outcomes:

LO1: Understand the scientific method and information retrieval techniques
LO2: Specify a research proposal
LO3: Conduct a literature review
LO4: Carry out and manage a project
LO5: Produce a report and evaluate the project outcomes
LO6: Reflect upon the process and outcomes of a research project

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