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14 Engineering Materials and their Properties

Level 5 - Online Engineering Course Unit

Unit Aim

Materials are the building block of everything around us, and engineers are involved with them on a daily basis. This unit will cover the structure of engineering materials from the atomic level, upwards.

This online engineering course unit will cover the atomic make-up of materials, and what gives them strength. How we can manually work materials to alter their atomic and grain structure to change the mechanical properties of the material.

You will then appraise each material family; metallic, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials and understand their properties and uses within engineering.

Finally, you will cover failure modes of materials, and methods to protect against material failure in an engineering environment.

Learning Outcomes

During this unit, you will cover the below four learning outcomes:

LO1: Establish the atomic structure of engineering materials
LO2: Interrogate mechanical properties of materials, and examine testing methods
LO3: Appraisal of engineering materials
LO4: Examine causes and protection against material failure

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