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15 Quality, Process Capability, and Process Improvement

Level 5 - Online Engineering Course Unit

Unit Aim

Quality underpins how a manufacturing company operates. In this online engineering course unit you will discover what is meant by quality and how a company can define, measure, monitor, and improve the quality of its production systems.

You will be introduced to the concepts of process variance, and process capability, with key measures such as Cp and Cpk. How the cost of quality can be measured by a company, and tools to improve the overall quality of its production system.

Key concepts such as Total Quality Management (TQM) will be covered, along with continuous improvement techniques such as Six Sigma.

Finally, the role of engineering standards will be covered, and their impact to the engineering environment.

Learning Outcomes

During this unit, you will cover the below four learning outcomes:

LO1: Analyse process variation, and use methods for measuring and monitoring variation in a process
LO2: Appraise the business impacts of cost of quality and the cost of non-quality, and the use of quality control tools
LO3: Evaluate the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) systems and the methods of continuous improvement within engineering companies
LO4: Analyse the use of quality standards in the engineering environment

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