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20 Renewable Energy Electrical Systems

Level 5 - Online Engineering Course Unit

Unit Aim

The aim of this online engineering course unit is to further develop learning and understanding of industrial systems, power, and storage.

This unit focuses on understanding the requirements between transducer and controllers, current energy demand, control techniques for renewable energy systems and how they are integrated into the grid. The unit will also explore environmental impacts and limitations of sustainable energy systems

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to justify choices of controllers and transducers and be able to evaluate the use of renewable energy sources in a range of different applications

Learning Outcomes

During this unit, you will cover the below four learning outcomes:

LO1: Describe and identify main elements and interface requirements between transducers and controllers
LO2: Understand current energy demand and the technologies and policies applied to vehicles and buildings
LO3: Understand the control techniques required for renewable energy systems.
LO4: Understand the impact of increased use of renewable resources, including integration into the grid

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