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21 Thermodynamics

Level 5 - Online Engineering Course Unit

Unit Aim

The aim of this online engineering course unit is to develop learning and understanding of thermodynamics from an engineering perspective.

This unit introduces you to the principles of thermodynamics and their applications in engineering, including engines, heat pumps, refrigerators, compressors, steam plants and gas turbines.

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to apply understanding of thermodynamics to a range of different engineering machines and to evaluate their efficiency.

Learning Outcomes

During this unit, you will cover the below four learning outcomes:

LO1: Understand the fundamental principles of thermodynamic systems
LO2: Understand how principles of heat transfer can be applied to industrial applications
LO3: Understand how to evaluate heat pumps, refrigeration techniques and industrial compressors
LO4: Understand the operation of steam plants and gas turbines

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