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UK based online Engineering college

Flexible online engineering courses and qualifications

Do you have an apprentice in your team?

Are you looking to further upskill your workforce?

Distance Learning programmes can be a great option for your business.

By allowing the student to work at any time or location means you can have complete flexibility in how you integrate the learning into the working week of your staff.

The course content is delivered in easy to follow, bite-size chunks, using a combination of different media. From reading e-books, to video lectures, other videos, and example exercises. This means the course can be completed either outside of standard working hours, or during assigned periods of time which most suit your company needs.

There is no compulsory requirement to take, for example, 1-day a week off work to attend college or university.

Due to the set learning path and learning milestones, as a company you can be kept completely up to date with the progress of your employees.

Need a project to be investigated?

The flexibility in our courses allows you to integrate your projects in to the learners project work, which brings a tangible benefit to your company, whilst simultaneously meeting the learning needs of the student.

As well as developing the core engineering skills and knowledge, development of essential maths and English skills are embedded throughout our courses and qualifications in accordance with industry requirements.

Below are some examples of how these skills are developed in the curriculum:

• Written reports
• Formal presentations
• Informal conversations
• Use of professional, sector specific language
• Use of mathematical methods and analysis
• Use of analytical and computational methods to evaluate and solve engineering problems
• Use of integral calculus to solve practical problems relating to engineering.

Our courses also embed the development of key skills, attributes and strengths required by 21st century employers.

The course content is specifically developed around three main categories:

Cognitive and problem-solving skills: critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems by applying expert and creative solutions, use of systems and digital technology, generating and communicating ideas creatively.

● Intra-personal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and
self-development, self-analysis and reflection, planning and prioritising.

Interpersonal skills: effective communication and articulation of information, working
collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation.

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Why study with us?

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Level 4 and 5 university benchmarked qualifications

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No Exams, No Deadlines, No Classes

Assessment is by written assignment

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