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Flexible online engineering courses and qualifications

What qualification will I receive, and are they accredited?

In summary we offer three main types of qualifications:

Higher International Certificate (EduQual level 4)

This is our level 4 qualification containing 120 credits (made up of six 20 credit units). It is benchmarked to other national level 4 qualifications such as a HNC or the first full year at a UK university.

These are open courses, meaning that anybody can apply regardless of your current qualification level.

Available in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, manufacturing, and aerospace engineering.

See our course page for the full list of courses available.

Higher International Diploma (EduQual level 5)

Our higher level 5 qualification contains 240 credits (120 at level 4 and 120 at level 5). It is benchmarked to other national level 5 qualifications such as a HND or the first two years at a UK university (often referred to as a foundation degree).

The first 120 credits of this course follows that of the Higher International Certificate, meaning anybody can apply regardless of your current qualification level.

Alternatively, if you already hold a Higher International Certificate (or equivalent qualification e.g. HNC) then contact us about using applying directly to the 120 credit level 5 top-up.

Available in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, manufacturing, and aerospace engineering.

Diplomas in Engineering (EduQual level 4/5)

These are a range of shorter online diplomas in a wide-range of subjects, made up of 40 credits (two 20 credit units).

At a later date they can be substituted as credits into our larger qualifications above, or you can use them as a stand alone qualification to demonstrate your knowledge in specific area. Like all our courses they are fully accredited qualifications.

These are open courses, meaning that anybody can apply regardless of your current qualification level.

See our course page for the full list of courses available.

And YES! All of our courses are accredited by EduQual.

EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, and a globally-recognised national qualifications regulator in the UK. They are a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

You can read more about accreditation on our Course Accreditation page here.

Do you offer Higher National Certificate / Diploma (HNC/HND) Qualifications?

No, we don’t offer BTEC HNC/HND qualifications. The reason being is that our courses are specifically designed, and accredited, for online distance learning.

The BTEC and HNC/HND is a registered trademark of Pearson (Edexcel) and can only be awarded by that organisation. From November 2020 Pearson announced that their HNC and HND in Engineering are no longer suitable for distance learning, and as such will not accredit providers to deliver these courses solely by distance learning, you can read the press release here.

Rest assured, our Higher International Certificate, and Higher International Diploma courses are accredited at Level 4 and Level 5 specifically for distance learning, so they are the equivalent academic level as the HNC / HND alternative.

How long does it take to complete the courses?

Our level 4 Higher International Certificate is 120 credits, this is benchmarked with the first year of a university degree (expected to take 1-year full time study). However as these are distance learning courses, you have the freedom to complete the course in your own timescale. You should expect it to take 1-2 years part-time, but can be done quicker than this depending on your weekly commitment.

Similarly, our level 5 Higher International Diploma is an additional 120 credits on top of the level 4 certificate. As such, you should expect this to take a further 1-2 years part-time, with the ability to progress faster depending on your commitment.

What is meant by a Certificate or Diploma?

We have benchmarked all our courses to align with the principles of the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), as such our level 4 course is known as a Higher International Certificate, and is benchmarked towards the equivalence of first year of undergraduate study (120 credits).

Our level 5 course is known as a Higher International Diploma, to recognise the higher level of work carried out (additional 120 credits on top of the level 4). This is benchmarked towards completing a second year of undergraduate study (or a Foundation Degree).

Other online courses may describe themselves as a ‘Diploma’, but that does not make them equivalent to our qualifications. By matching the 120 credits at level 4, and additional 120 credits at level 5, you can be sure that our UK accredited qualifications are seen as a benchmark of equivalent standard as the first two years of UK university degree.

How is the course content delivered?

Our courses are all delivered via our bespoke online learning platform, accessible on any internet connected device. We use a combination of guided reading, videos, work-sheets and practice questions. Learning is via manageable bite-sized chunks, and you will receive a bespoke ‘learning plan’ to guide you on your journey.

You will also receive individual one to one tutor support as and when you need it.

Do you recognise grades for high performance?

Yes. Our Higher International Certificate, and Higher International Diploma courses have the below grades available:

Unclassified – If you do not achieve a PASS but have attempted each of the units.

PASS – You have successfully completed the course and demonstrated the required level of knowledge to receive the qualification.

MERIT – In addition to PASS, a merit can be awarded for those showing high performance throughout the course.

DISTINCTION – Additional to PASS and MERIT, a Distinction can be awarded to those showing outstanding performance throughout the course.

Rest assured, we assess each submission for our level 4 and level 5 courses, and will only accept people on the course who we believe have a good expectation of success.

Are there entry requirements for studying with you?

For our Higher International Certificate and Higher International Diploma courses – we consider our courses as ‘open’ courses, which means we have no formal entry requirements.

However, we ensure that the learners we enrol have a reasonable expectation of success on the programme.

As such, for students who have recently been in education, we ideally look for one of the following:

  • A* to C grade and/or 9 to 4 in GCSE Maths and English (or equivalent)
  • A Level 3 qualification in Engineering
  • A GCE Advanced Level profile that demonstrates strong performance in a relevant subject or adequate performance in more than one GCE subject. This profile is likely to be supported by GCSE grades at A* to C and/or 9 to 4 (or equivalent)
  • Other related Level 3 qualifications
  • An Access to Higher Education Certificate awarded by an approved further education institution
  • An international equivalent of the above.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one of the above. As our courses are ‘open’ we can cover the prerequisite maths and science skills during the course if needed. Please contact us for more information if you don’t have of the above qualifications.

Of course, not everybody has been in recent education. As such we will also consider related work experience in lieu of the above formal requirements. Please include all relevant information on the application form.

As the course is taught and assessed in English, it is critical that you have an appropriate level of English language skills.

Do I need to attend any college days?

No. Our courses are specifically designed to be able to be completed entirely by distance and on-line learning.

That doesn’t mean you have zero teaching time. In fact we offer one-on-one support throughout the course, as and when you feel you need it. This is to supplement the interactive learning by reading, watching and doing.

Do I get real-life support whilst learning?

YES. Our course is made up primarily of reading, videos, ebooks, and set exercises to practise your learning. However, you will also get access to one-on-one tutor support throughout the course, as-and-when you feel you need it. These are generally conducted by emails, phone, or video call depending on your requirement.

How is the course assessed?

Great news, there are no exams! All learning is assessed via written coursework assignments, and learners will receive ample guidance and support to prepare you for these. Assignments will take on a variety of formats such as calculations-based work, descriptive writing and technical reports.

What feedback will I receive?

During one to one tutor support, you will receive guidance, support and verbal feedback on your progress.

We aim for all coursework assignments to be marked and detailed written / verbal feedback to be presented to learners within 5 working days.

Are there any special hardware/software needed to follow the course?

As the course content is delivered via reading (e-books, worksheets, etc), video lectures, other videos, and external websites you must have access to an internet enabled PC/laptop with Microsoft Office suite (or equivalent). Free equivalent options are available such as Libre Office, or google suite.

We utilise the Google suite of tools throughout our courses, therefore you will need to sign up for a free google Gmail account.

In addition for our higher courses, 3D CAD software is a part of some of our higher engineering course. Where required, our courses utilises AutoDesk Inventor, and you will qualify for a free student download licence to use during your course. (This is not essential to pass the course, but highly recommended). Alternatively if you have experience on any other 3D modelling software, this can be used as an alternative.

You can visit the website below for the system requirements for AutoDesk Inventor.

We can help you throughout the install process if needed.

If you have any concerns on the above, please contact us with any questions.

When can I Start?

You can start the course at any time throughout the year – we have continuous enrolment 365 days a year.

Can I enroll directly onto the Higher International Diploma?

Yes, our Higher International Diploma course is an ‘open’ course and is ideal for those who know they want to study directly to level 5. As part of the 240 credits, you will first complete 120 credits at level 4, before progressing onto a further 120 credits at level 5.

If you already have an equivalent level 4 engineering qualification (e.g. HNC), then please contact us to discuss the opportunity of using RPL (recognition of prior learning) to cover the initial 120 credits at level 4, and study only the 120 credits at level 5.