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Online Manufacturing Engineering courses

iLearn Engineering

iLearn Engineering is a UK based online engineering college with a range of accredited online manufacturing engineering courses to suit most careers in engineering.

What Is Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing engineering is a specific branch of engineering dedicated to production systems by focusing on the design, development, operation, and maintenance of manufacturing systems.

The role of a manufacturing engineer is to turn theoretical designs into real-world objects. They must consider the most time efficient, and cost efficient way of making things. This could be from material design and selection for single items or prototypes, all the way to multi-million part production lines.

In our courses you will learn about engineering design, industrial systems, manufacturing principles, CAD skills, lean manufacturing, material section, alongside quality and six sigma. In addition you will cover the fundamental maths and science that underpin engineering as a whole.  

What Online Manufacturing Engineering Courses do you offer?

We have a range of fully accredited Manufacturing engineering courses:

Specialist Diplomas:

(40 credits)

Distance Learning



(+£144 one-off registration fee)

Delivered by iLearn Engineering


Level 4

Higher International Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering

Distance Learning

Delivered by iLearn Engineering

Level 4



Payment plans available from £92.25/mo


Level 5

Higher International Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering

Distance Learning

Delivered by iLearn Engineering

Level 5



Payment plans available

Engineering is often said to be the application of science, and never was it truer than in today's modern economy where it plays a pivotal role in the development of new solutions to today's global problems.


Manufacturing engineering is becoming increasingly important as the world looks to increase its production ability in the most time, cost, and energy efficient ways possible. Having the ability to manufacture products using the most up-to-date materials and technology whilst eliminating waste is critical to matching the increasing global demand.

It is not surprising then that many students or keen to study manufacturing engineering given the wide range of interesting careers that are on offer.

iLearn Engineering as a UK based online engineering college specialising in providing online engineering courses for the next generation of engineers on an international scale. Our courses have been developed from the ground up and are specifically created so they can be delivered online.

Why Choose iLearn Engineering?

Real Chartered Engineers

We are a team of Chartered Engineers and academics. We understand what engineers need to know and we also understand what engineering businesses expect from their engineers.

Enrol 356 days a year – start when you are ready

iLearn Engineering take a unique view to how their courses are made available to their learners. First, learning is asynchronous, meaning that learners can start their course anytime, 365 days a year.

No schedules, no classes, no deadlines, and no exams.

Instead unlike a traditional college, with iLearn Engineering the learner is in control over how long it takes them to complete their course. Students study the learning material at their own pace, fitting it in around their existing commitments, and therefore learners do not need to give up their job or other commitments to gain an engineering qualification.

Full UK Accreditation

The manufacturing engineering courses that iLearn Engineering deliver have been accredited by a UK awarding body to be at levels 4 and 5 which makes them equivalent to studying the first and second years of a university course in manufacturing engineering.  Therefore, you can be assured of the academic rigour and quality of courses on offer.

Easy to Follow Bite-sized Learning

Our carefully developed learning material has been designed to be accessible to almost any learner from any background comprising of short videos, worked examples and practice questions to prepare the learner for their written assignments.

Tutor Support

Full tutor support is always on hand to help students that need that little bit of extra help, so you are never completely alone.  Tutorials can be arranged with real engineers on a one to one basis.

Online Manufacturing Course Content

Our online manufacturing engineering courses consist of the core topics that you would expect in an manufacturing engineering course, plus some contemporary topics to keep you at the forefront of technology.

You will start by studying the fundamental principles that under-pin all engineering:

Engineering Science to give students a grounding in the science that underpins the engineering they will study.

Engineering Maths so that students develop their mathematical skills that they will need to succeed with the rest of their course

Engineering Design to help students develop their engineering design skills.


Once these fundamental units have been completed, learners are then guided onto their specialist manufacturing engineering units which comprise of:


Manufacturing Engineering Principles which will introduce you to the basics of manufacturing engineering principles, as well as covering key mechanical engineering principles that underpin manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Systems and Lean Manufacturing  in this unit you will find out what is meant by a manufacturing system and how modern day manufacturing companies operate. You will also learn about the origins of lean manufacturing systems, and how these have evolved into modern day practises, including an introduction to the ‘toolbox’ of process improvement tools.

Quality, Process Capability, and Process Improvement  - Quality underpins how a manufacturing company operates. In this unit you will discover what is meant by quality and how a company can define, measure, monitor, and improve the quality of its production systems. Including key topics such as statistical process control and six sigma.


Engineering Materials where you deep dive more specific engineering applications of different materials, covering metallics (ferrous and non-ferrous), polymers, composites, and ceramics.


Students also have access to a range of optional units so that they can study topics that interest them which may also lie outside the field of manufacturing engineering such as electrical engineering,  mechanical or aerospace engineering.


It is important that engineers have an appreciation of management and research skills and so you will also study:


Engineering Management for Professionals where you will learn the important tools and responsibilities of being in a management position within the engineering industry, such as Project Management and cost and risk analysis. But also, the wider social and economic impacts of engineering companies.

Research Skills and Project Management, this will be your opportunity to demonstrate the things you’ve learnt in a 60-credit research project. You will develop a project brief, and will lead the project using critical thinking and analysis, to result in an un-biased conclusion.

UK Accredited Manufacturing Engineering Qualifications

Higher International Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering (EduQual Level 4) [120 credits]

This online manufacturing engineering course has a total of 120 credits meaning that it is benchmarked to be equivalent to a full year of undergraduate study. Moreover, being a Level 4 manufacturing engineering course means that it is benchmarked to the first year of a university degree course in manufacturing engineering.

Most students are eligible to enrol directly on to this course because we teach you all the maths and science that you need to be successful with the rest of the course.


Students that already have a level 4 qualification in engineering, or those that have completed our Higher International Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering (EduQual Level 4) qualification, are eligible to enrol on to:


Higher International Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (EduQual Level 5) [240 credits]

This online course develops your knowledge in manufacturing engineering at a deeper and more specialist level and once completed you will become eligible to apply to universities to top-up your qualification to degree level.


Students working on a part time basis can typically complete these courses in a time frame of between 1 and 3 years. However, you are in control of your own learning, and it is in principle possible to finish the course much sooner than this.

Most students are eligible to enrol directly on to this course because we teach you all the maths and science that you need to be successful with the rest of the course.

Diplomas in Engineering [40 credit]

We also offer a range of shorter online manufacturing engineering courses leading to the accredited qualifications of:

Diploma in Lean Manufacturing

Diploma in Material Science

Diploma in Mechanical Technology

These qualifications are ideal for learners that wish to study a specific topic of interest to them all who wish to complete the course in a shorter time frame then our full 120 credits courses above. These 40 credit qualifications can typically be completed in a time frame of between two and six months.

Fast Track Qualifications [20 credit]

For students who are looking to complete an online manufacturing engineering course in the shortest time frame possible, we have the following accredited 20 credit qualification:


Certificate in Engineering (EduQual level 4/5)


Students can typically complete this fast-track engineering course online within one to three months.

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