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What is Distance learning?

Distance learning, also known as online learning or e-learning, is a mode of education that allows students to study remotely without being physically present in a traditional classroom setting. Instead, students access course materials, assignments, and interact with faculty through digital platforms, such as learning management systems, video conferencing software, and online discussion forums.

At iLearn Engineering, we offer our own proprietary iLearn Portal, which is a student learning platform specifically designed for our online engineering courses. The iLearn Portal provides a range of resources and tools to support students in their studies, including video recordings, tutorials, worked examples, practice questions, detailed e-workbooks and self-assessment quizzes. The platform also enables students to receive feedback on their progress.

You do not need to attend fixed lectures at a college or university, which means you can study at a time and place which is convenient to you.

In addition to the benefits of flexibility and convenience, distance learning typically operates in an asynchronous learning mode, which means that students can engage with course materials and assignments at any time that is convenient to them. This mode of learning enables students to fit their studies around their existing commitments and to progress through the course at their own pace.

Asynchronous learning and the iLearn Portal are key components of our distance learning programme, enabling students to engage with course materials and assignments on their own schedule, while still receiving the support and guidance they need to succeed. By providing access to high-quality education from anywhere in the world, our online engineering courses offer a flexible and accessible pathway to a successful career in engineering.

Easy to Follow Bite-sized Learning

We deliver course content in an easy to follow manner, using a combination of different media such as e-books, videos, worksheets and example exercises, as well as a number of live online classes which you can attend.

You are Not Alone!

At iLearn Engineering®, we understand that studying remotely can sometimes feel isolating, especially when you are facing challenges or have questions that you need help with. That’s why we offer direct one-on-one tutor support from our experienced teaching staff, who are available to provide guidance and support throughout your studies.

Whether you need help with a particular topic, want additional support with an assignment, or simply want to discuss ideas, our tutors are available to assist you. You can contact them via email, phone, or video call, and they will work with you to find a solution to any issues you are facing.

This support structure is designed to help you feel connected and supported throughout your learning journey, so that you never feel like you are on your own. Our tutors are experts in their field, with extensive industry experience and a passion for teaching, and they are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Furthermore, the flexibility of our distance learning programme means that you can study in your own time and place, fitting your studies around your existing work or life commitments. Whether you are working full-time, caring for a family, or living in a different time zone, our online engineering courses are designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed. So, with the assurance that you are not alone, you can focus on your studies and take the first step towards a successful career in engineering.

Career Prospects in Engineering

A UK Accredited online engineering qualification can provide a strong foundation for a wide range of international career paths in engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and electronic, civil, aerospace, computer, industrial, and general engineering.

Graduates of online engineering courses in mechanical engineering can pursue careers as design engineers, project engineers, manufacturing engineers, or research and development engineers in a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and robotics.

Electrical and electronic engineering graduates may choose to work as electrical engineers, electronic engineers, control engineers, automation engineers, or telecommunications engineers in industries such as energy, telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive.

Civil engineering graduates can find career paths as structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, transportation engineers, or construction and project managers in industries such as construction, infrastructure, transportation, and environmental management.

Aerospace engineering graduates may pursue careers as aerospace engineers, aeronautical engineers, or design and project engineers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Computer engineering graduates can work as software engineers, hardware engineers, network engineers, or computer systems engineers in a range of industries such as telecommunications, information technology, and cybersecurity.

Industrial engineering graduates may find opportunities in manufacturing, supply chain management, or logistics as industrial engineers, process engineers, or operations managers.

General engineering graduates can find career paths in a range of industries, applying their broad knowledge of engineering principles to solve complex challenges and design innovative solutions.

With the increasing demand for sustainable and innovative infrastructure development, clean energy, and advanced technology, the career prospects for graduates of online engineering courses are promising and varied on a global scale.

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