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Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (EduQual Level 5)


Are you interested in pursuing a career in aerospace engineering? Look no further than our online course leading to the accredited qualification of a Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering at Level 5. This comprehensive online course offers advanced knowledge and skills in the exciting and dynamic field of aerospace engineering.

This course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the latest developments in aerospace technology. You will learn about aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion systems, aircraft design, and more, while also gaining training in fundamental engineering principles. Furthermore, you will learn the latest in engineering management so that you are prepared for more senior position in the industry. With a focus on industry-specific knowledge, you will be well-equipped to succeed in a range of aerospace engineering careers.

We provide all the Learning Resources you need

Our online course is highly flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. You will have access to a range of learning materials, including videos, worked examples, case studies and practise questions, as well as a wealth of online resources to help you succeed.

Affordable Payment Plans

We understand that the cost of education can be a significant financial burden, which is why we offer affordable payment plans to make our online course accessible to all students. Our payment plans are designed to be flexible, allowing you to pay for the course in manageable instalments over time. We also offer scholarships and financial aid to qualified students who need assistance covering the cost of tuition.

Careers in the Aerospace Industry

Upon completion of the Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering at Level 5, you will be well-prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities in the aerospace industry. Aerospace engineering is a dynamic field that covers everything from designing and building aircraft to developing cutting-edge technology for space exploration. Some potential career paths for graduates of our online course include aerospace engineer, aircraft designer, flight test engineer, propulsion engineer, and many more.

In addition to the technical skills and knowledge you will gain from this course, you will also develop valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills that can be applied to a range of fields. Our expert tutors will be available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance and support throughout your studies.

Investing in your education is an investment in your future. By enrolling in our online course in the Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering at Level 5, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a rewarding career in the aerospace industry.

So why wait? Enrol today and start preparing for a bright future in this exciting field.


Course Structure

The Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (EduQual level 5) is a higher level, fully accredited, 240 credit online qualification in aerospace engineering.

The first 120 credits of this qualification are equivalent to the Level 4 Higher International Certificate in Aerospace Engineering, before progressing onto the more advanced level 5 units. These qualifications are relevant to those looking to enter management positions or continue their learning to degree level.

We specialise in online aerospace engineering courses. Our qualifications in engineering are designed to address an increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways at Levels 4 and 5, thereby providing students with a clear line of sight to employment or to progression to a university degree.

Being 240 credits, it is benchmarked to the first two years of a UK university engineering programme. You can gain this qualification anywhere in the world with this flexible distance learning course.

What will I study?

This online aerospace engineering course is tailored for those looking to specialise in aerospace engineering, either for a career, or for further university study.

The course is made up of 240 credits. The first 120 credits follow the syllabus of the Higher International Certificate in Aerospace Engineering (EduQual level 4).

The remaining 120 credits are at level 5, and are split into 4 units. Two of these units are specialist units in aerospace engineering. The third is a core topic in Engineering Management.

The fourth unit is worth 60 credits, and is a substantial engineering project on an aerospace engineering topic of your choice.

Find out more about the units you will study below:

Level 4

Core Units

Engineering Design and Ethics – to help you to develop your engineering design skills.

Engineering Maths – so that you develop your mathematical skills that you will need to succeed with the rest of your course.

Engineering Science – to give you a grounding in the science that underpins the engineering that you will study.


Specialist Units

Aerospace Structures – where you will study engineering principles for the design, development and analysis of aerospace structures and systems.

Flight Mechanics – This unit is concerned with the forces that act on aircraft and the prediction of their performance. This unit begins by introducing you to the nomenclature used for aircraft and then progresses to explore the physics of aircraft flight both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

+1 Optional Unit – You will have access to a range of optional units, so that you can study topics that interest you. These may even lie outside the field of aerospace engineering such as electrical, mechanical, or manufacturing engineering.


Level 5

Core Units

Research Skills and Project Management [60 credits] – This is a significant engineering project that you will undertake. We will firstly give you the tools and knowledge on how projects are managed. You will then deliver a project brief, and progress to lead a complex, independent, and engineering related research project.  In doing this, you will develop your ability to apply critical thinking skills to analyse engineering scenarios.

Engineering Management for Professionals – here you will learn the important tools and responsibilities of being in a management position within the engineering industry. You will learn skills such as Project Management and cost and risk analysis, But also the wider social and economic impacts of engineering companies.


Specialist Units

Aircraft Design and Manufacture – You will examine the overall design process before you will undertake a design exercise to explore the variety of aircraft configurations. You will be guided through a simulated design process which will involve you selecting and calculating various design parameters to satisfy a given design brief.

Aerodynamics, Propulsion, and Space – Deep dive the principles of incompressible flow, drag, before moving onto the workings of gas turbine engines, and finally looking at high speed flows including transonic, supersonic and space flight.

To be awarded a Higher International Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (EduQual Level 5), you must successfully complete the above 240 credits.

Is it fully accredited?

Yes. All our courses are fully accredited by a UK awarding body, EduQual.

EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, and a globally-recognised national qualifications regulator in the UK. They are a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

Are there any entry requirements?

As this qualification starts with the level 4 Higher International Certificate, there are no formal entry requirements. We will teach you the required maths and science skills necessary to be successful on the rest of the qualification.

All our courses are delivered in English language, so you must be competent in learning technical information in English.

How long will it take to complete?

Typically, most learners take between 2 and 4 years when studying on a part time basis.

However, as these are distance learning engineering courses, you are in control of your own learning schedule and so you have the freedom to complete the course in your own timescale. Therefore our online engineering courses can be completed more quickly depending on your existing commitments and/or your existing knowledge.

How am I assessed?

All of our units are assessed by 100% written assignments. There are no exams to sit.

Tutor Support

Throughout the course, you will be given tutor support to help you with any questions or problems you may have on your course. All our tutors are experts in engineering, with many years teaching experience.

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UK Accredited Level 4 and 5 university benchmarked qualifications

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UK Accredited Qualifications at levels 4 and 5. Benchmarked to the first and second years at a UK university.

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