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What is the Difference between Transformers and Rectifiers in Power Supplies?

What is the Difference between Transformers and Rectifiers? We shall first need to recap on some background knowledge relating to induction

What is Meant by Inductance

Introduction to Inductance. The behaviour of the inductor is based on the properties of the magnetic field generated in a coil of wire.

Capacitors Explained for Engineers

Flight Mechanics of a Typical Aircraft Flight. This article will give a brief overview of a typical flight of an aircraft

What are Periodic Waves?

Periodic waves are discussed including engineering examples worked calculations

What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Principles and Worked Examples Electromagnetic (EM) induction occurs when an electromagnetic field (emf) is induced in a wire, or more...

Engineering Projects – The critical path

Following on from our last article on engineering projects - planning for success (catch up here), this article expands on project...

Engineering Projects – Planning for success!

Being an engineer is much more than just performing calculations and making drawings. In the real-world, professional engineers are...

Engineering Materials…What ‘stuff’ is made from

Engineering can be defined as the application of science and technology to create or produce something of use. In order to ‘produce’...