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How does the grain size affect the strength of a material?

How does the grain size affect the strength of a material? In this article we are going to focus on how the grain size impacts on yield strength. What is a grain? A crystal can be modelled as a unit lattice in which atoms are arranged in a specific position, when a group of crystals […]

Material deformation techniques

Material deformation techniques This article discusses various methods where materials are forcibly deformed, and their physical or microstructural properties are altered. This is done to enhance certain mechanical or electrical properties. The deformation usually takes place at high or low temperatures, and this is reflected in the naming of the process. Cold Working This process […]

How to Draw and Analyse Free Body Diagrams (FBDs)

In this free engineering tutorial we shall review What is a Free Body Diagram (FBD), Steps to draw a Free Body Diagram and Examples

What is Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials?

This article will investigate the various ways in which mechanical testing techniques can be applied to engineering materials.

Solid Solution Strengthening

High purity metals, while useful, are often softer and weaker than their alloys. The mechanical properties such as yield strength and...

Dispersion strengthening

What is dispersion strengthening? Dispersion strengthening is a process carried out to improve the properties of metals by adding...

What are Periodic Waves?

Periodic waves are discussed including engineering examples worked calculations

Engineering Projects – The critical path

Following on from our last article on engineering projects - planning for success (catch up here), this article expands on project...

Engineering Materials…What ‘stuff’ is made from

Engineering can be defined as the application of science and technology to create or produce something of use. In order to ‘produce’...